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Roberto Diaz Abraham was born in the city of Mexico on May 11th of 1951.
Since he can remember his passion has been that of handcrafts: wooden puzzles,
crayon paints or acrylics, sand molding or expressing himself in any other craft.

He discovered that his vocation was art at the age of 21, and officially painted his
first artwork on a three feet by three feet piece of triply using oil painting. The
artwork was lost, yet here is a virtual reproduction of it:

Before he began with a profession in the economics-administrative area, he
dedicated himself for several months to painting on his own. He copied a painting
from Léger which he liked, and started some paintings inspired from expressionist
ribbons and other abstracts. As an example we have the painting titled “He who
wants to be reborn, must break a world”, inspired on the novel of Herman Hesse
the Steppenwolf and “a deformed violin” inspired on a poem of the author which
has the same name as the artwork. (you may find the paintings in the galleries)

During the same period, he explored traditional painting of classics such as “the
road” where the author portrays himself with his then girlfriend and now wife. In this
painting you can find a parchment painted on the back which reads:

“In many ways we decide our own destiny, on the rest God does not make

From 1972 to 1976, Roberto Diaz A. graduates as an Economist form ITAM
university, working as an analyst for “Nacional Financiera” (National Financing of

With the purpose of studying a master’s degree, he worked in the secretary of
commerce and obtained a scholarship to study Economy in the University of
Colorado and later in the University of Boston.

 It is in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, that he takes a course in ceramics with a
potter’s wheel and at high temperatures, with the Japanese teacher Makoto Yabe.
In the ceramics galleries you can see the pieces he made in Boston.

The only painting he made in Boston was the “pilot on a Balloon”, inspired on
another poem by the author, where he emphasizes on the courage that innovators
need to go further into the unknown.

On his return to Mexico City, the author makes some sculptures and pieces from
ceramics within his own workshop.

In 1988, he manages to obtain a job in the city of San Diego, where he also studies
the molding technique of ceramics, producing some interesting pieces but with
little artistic value.

By 1990 the family moved to Riverside, CA where with other investors he buys a
factory of wooden furniture, and dedicates his efforts and creativity to the business.

In 1993 luck and destiny take the author to the city of Cancun, where he dedicates
years to the construction and design of his house. By the summer of 2002, he
establishes his own wood and ceramics workshop.

Roberto Diaz on his own, initiates on the difficult pottery technique of high
temperature oven baked ceramics, and based on braking several original art
pieces he acquires most of his knowledge on this subject.

It was luck again that led him to a sculpting workshop, where an outstanding
sculpture teacher imparts classes to a small amount of students. She is Laura

With Laura's advice and techniques, Roberto Diaz lets a torrent of creativity run
loose and take him to his first art exposition on November 19th, 2004.

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About the author:
Roberto Diaz Abraham